Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Would You Go Down That Dark Alley? Imagine Doing it For FREE: Police Reserve Officers on The Cop Doc Radio Show

Police Reserve Officers are the little known facet of law enforcement. Join me, police expert former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt, The Cop Doc, on The Cop Doc Radio Show on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 7:00 pm eastern time as my expert panel and I discuss the incredible phenomenon of volunteer and part-time law enforcement officers. The expert panel members are David Rayburn, retired Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary lieutenant colonel and president of the Volunteer Law Enforcement Officer Alliance (VLEOA), Tom Harrier, chief of the Orange County Sheriff's Office Reserve in Orlando, FL, and Marc Spigel, an Auxiliary Captain with the Framingham, MA, Auxiliary Police.

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Unsung law enforcers, known variously as reserve, auxiliary, special, supernumerary, or intermittent (depending on local preferences), these men and women are the ultimate in community policing as they literally put the police in the community and the community in the police. They amazingly come to the aid of strangers for little or no money at great personal risk and reflect well on their police departments and sheriff's offices.

The panel and I will explore who and what they are, how full-time officers view them, as well as the variety of ways that they are screened, trained, certified, deployed, and armed.

Would you go down that dark alley... for FREE? For more information on police reserves, go to Dr. Richard Weinblatt's new website:

And heads up police fans, next week, on May 12, we're focusing The Cop Doc Radio Show on and the unveiling of the police website's new design at Website Changes. Joining us will be returning guest Frank Borelli, editor-in-chief of, With Frank Borelli will be two of his star columnists, radio show semi-regular retired police sergeant and police trainer extraordinaire Betsy Brantner Smith and Kevin Davis.