Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Cop Doc Radio Show: redesign, Casey Anthony update, & Police Reserve Officer website

Tonight, be sure to listen to The Cop Doc Radio Show redesign show. We'll have editor-in-chief Frank Borelli back again along with two of his star columnists- Chief William Harvey and Kevin Davis. Along with host police expert former police chief Dr. Richard Weinblatt, The Cop Doc, they'll discuss the redesign of one of the leading law enforcement websites, as well as the top police items dominating the news headlines.

Casey Anthony Trial Update

Also covered tonight will be an update of the Casey Anthony legal proceedings underway here in Florida. Michigan prosecutor and well-known legal media commentator Donna Pendergast will weigh in with her thoughts on the jury selection in Pinnelas County, FL.

Police Reserve Website Launch

Lastly, the launch on April 23, 2011 of a new website serving the information needs of aspiring and current volunteer and part-time law enforcement officers (known variously as reserve, auxiliary, special, supernumerary, or intermittent depending on local jurisdictional preferences) and police and sheriffs administrators, will be touched on. The website was created by an authority expert on reserve policing. has a combination of original content and classic writings dealing with everything from the duties of reserves to the tragic line of duty deaths of these law enforcers who are the ultimate in community policing as they put the police in the community and the community in the police.

The Cop Doc Radio Show was devoted to this topic a week ago and can be listened to at The Cop Doc Radio Show Police Reserve Officer. More detail was previously on Radio Show and The Cop Doc Blog Police Reserve Officer Radio Show. has been well received as evidenced by its already ranking number nine on May 5, 2011 on the first page of Google. It is seeing some great traffic and keyword searches. This screen capture illustrates it's high ranking (which is even better since it happened so quickly) in it's niche market of reserve police.

Taser Titans: Chairman and VP

Be sure to tune in next week (5/19/11) to The Cop Doc Radio Show Taser Titans is the topic with Taser International founders Chairman Tom Smith and Vice President Steve Tuttle. They'll discuss the controversy surrounding their products, the new Taser X2, as well as the past, present, and future of the Scottsdale, AZ, company. Do Tasers save lives?

As with all editions of The Cop Doc Radio Show, you can tune in to listen and let us know your thoughts via the show call in number of (646) 652-4259 or the chatroom.

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