Monday, May 9, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial Costs: Police Expert News Interview

As the Casey Anthony trial gets underway here in Central Florida, I did yet another news interview in my role as a police expert. I've done another of other Anthony case media interviews. This one was on the high bill in costs to taxpayers for the trial concerning the death of little Caylee Anthony. I told WOFL Fox 35 News at 10's Shannon Butler, who is a terrific reporter and a real pleasure to work with on stories, that quite a bit of the costs that are going to come in the form of security and law enforcement. Mostly borne by the Ornage County Sheriff's Office, the impact will also be absorbed by the Orlando Police Department.

As I explained to Shannon Butler, there will be a lot of behind the scenes issues that Sheriff Jerry Demings' folks are going to have to contend with. Traffic, parking, and front door security is but the tip of the iceberg. It will involve more than just the deputy sheriffs manning the metal detectors at the courthouse entrance. The agency will also have to do its share of threat analysis in response to the messages coming from the many not so stable folks fixated on the trial's participants. I covered this quite a bit in another blog post: Chaos or Order: Police Expert View on Casey Anthony Trial Security.

The news interview with Fox 35's Shannon Butler is below. What do you think?