Friday, May 20, 2011

Great Feedback from Oregon reserve deputy sheriff on

I just got a terrific message from a reserve deputy sheriff in Oregon. Kory (I got permission to use the first name and location) is a former volunteer firefighter who has found the articles on my new website on police reserves to be very helpful. The letter was sent via the contact form on
This is great stuff! A major motivator for me to do The Cop Doc Radio Show and write these articles, blog posts, books, websites, etc. is to help people related to law enforcement.

Kory is an example of folks decicated to serving their community. In this case, it was the fire service followed by law enforcement. Thanks for YOUR dedication, Kory!

Below is the fantastic message. I have also reprinted it on the website.

Thank you for all of your articles! You are obviously a very dedicated person and it shows in everything i have read. I am just starting out as a Reserve Deputy and it is a thrilling, exciting and eye opening event. I have truely enjoyed all of the challenges that i have faced and have such an incredible respect for law enforcment and all that they go through. I was a volunteer firefighter for 7 1/2 years and after the switch from red to blue i have truely realized just how much i dont know.
--This mail is sent via contact form on

What do you think? Do articles on law enforcement help you?