Monday, May 16, 2011

Reserve Cops: Original Homeland Security on

Police Reserves are the original homeland security. That's the position in my latest article The Original Homeland Security Force: Police Reserves on

The article covers the evolution of World War II. era civil defense (CD) forces into (at least for some parts of the country) a sophisticated academy trained and state certified sworn law enforcement professional serving on a part-time or volunteer basis.

Disasters have come to the forefront with recent events such as the tornadoes in Alabama and flodding in Louisiana. As for terrorist incidents, one has to look only at the recent death of Osama bin Laden to see the need for enhanced homeland security.

Police reserves, known also under the titles Auxiliary, Special, Supernumerary, and Intermittent, have long been a part of the fabric of their local police and sheriffs operations, as well as thei communtities. Check out the article for more detail on police reserves and homeland security.