Sunday, April 3, 2011

WORLD PREMIERE of new The Cop Doc Radio Show Promo Video

Here is the WORLD PREMIERE of the new The Cop Doc Radio Show promo video. The video highlights the arresting topics such as Officer Down!, Policing Japan's Crisis, Cops and Crazies, and Domestic Violence. There are many more topics that have been covered on the show encompassing Police, Crime, and Safety. The show is geared for law enforcement and non-law enforcement listeners as part of The Cop Doc's mission to explain complex justice topics in understandable terms.

The Cop Doc radio show has had numerous guest experts on the program and the promo video featured radio show guests Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, Dave "Buck Savage" Smith, and police guru Roy Bedard. A complete lists of guests and topics can be viewed at

This is fast paced, rocking beat video that showcases the police, crime and safety topics show. The show was recently moved to it's new time of 7:00 pm EDT on Blogtalkradio to make it more available for guests and listeners.

In addition to the live show that can be listened to via the Internet on or on the telephone, listeners can also enjoy the archived version via many application platforms including Apple iTunes, Windows Media Player, AppleCoreMedia, GoogleListen, and PodTrapper.

Check out the video below. And listen to The Cop Doc radio show in the Blogtalkradio player at the bottom. Or you can click on the link to go to the Blogtalk radio show page:

Listen to internet radio with Dr Weinblatt on Blog Talk Radio