Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police Reserve Officer Role & Professionalism Highlighted on PoliceReserveOfficer website

The role and professionalism of today's Police Reserve Officer is highlighted on a new website: I created the website to help handle the many questions I field on the topic of police reserves. As a former law enforcement reserve, around stints as a police chief, police academy director, and criminal justice professor, I fully appreciate the enormous contribution and sacrifices of the around a quarter of a million men and women who serve under many titles depending on local rules and preferences. Some of those monikers include: reserve, auxiliary, special, supernumerary, and intermittent law enforcers.

Whatever the name, reserve officers undertake the mission of the badge for their communties and for the approx. 700,000 full-time counterparts for little or no compensation at at great personal risk.

One of the articles on the website addresses the ultimate sacrifice that police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers make which sadly includes reserves as well. It is: The Ultimate Sacrifice: Line of Duty Deaths Underscore Police Reserve Officers' Service.

Another article I wrote exclusively for this website addresses the use of reserve officer service to boost a full-time applicant's attractiveness for hire. This is a particularly valuable move as the competitveness for few salaried slots has greatly intensified given the current governmental budgetary climate. Any edge is very useful for the candidate.

Reserve officers gain valuable training, experience, and contacts. The article is called: Police Job Jumstart: Police Reserves Standout.

Whether you are a reservists, full-timer, law enforcement executive, aspiring officer, or just interested individual, check out the website and learn more about this great segement of our public safety service branches.

The video is below and gives more highlights of the website dedicated to the professional volunteer and part-time law enforcement officer.