Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pretend Police: Are Impersonators Stopping You?

Pretend police in your mirror lights flashing and siren blaring is a scary prospect for all drivers on the road. Factor in being a woman alone or driving late at night and the prospect can be even more terrifying.

As a police expert, speaker, author, and media commentator, I hear what folks' police, crime, and safety related concerns are. And so, it was little surprise that quite a few people have been reading my latest police article for, "Pretend Police: Safety Tips for Drivers Being Stopped." As's designated "police examiner" for their national edition, I had a feeling that the article would strike a nerve for all concerned about police, crime and safety issues on an issue that really happens. I was right on target as the article opened with real life cases of police impersonators arrested in Florida, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania.

Fake fuzz are out there and they are stopping drivers on the highways with pseudo cop accoutrements. The illicit equipment on the nabbed impersonator law enforcement officers have included badges, uniforms, radios, flashing lights, sirens, guns, and of course, a police style vehicle such as the ubiquitous Ford Crown Victoria.

The article gave safety tips, as I also do via my website, on what to do if you think that a pretend police officer, deputy sheriff, or state trooper is trying to stop you.

The real police certainly want to stop police impersonators from engaging in their illegal conduct, arrest them, and bring them to justice. Fake fuzz endanger the public and law enforcers alike.

Check it out and comment below on The Cop Doc blog, on my Facebook page, or on the article. Have you been stopped by the Pretend Police?

Here is the link to the PoliceImpersonator article I wrote: